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Navigator – Hedging Strategies Simplified

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Navigator analytics engine can be used to analyse, quantify and visualise foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risk in portfolios, and further understand risk/return characteristics of a portfolio under different derivatives-based hedging strategies. Our solution condenses complex calculations into simple-to-use modules, with rich visualisations and a simple user interface.

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  • Analytics to analyse, quantify and compare risks/returns of different hedging strategies
  • Scalable framework that users can operate independently and with minimal training
  • Simple-to-use solution that does not require specialist knowledge or expertise
  • Intuitive user interface with rich visualizations
  • Single application for desktop, web and mobile access

Approach & Impact

  • Data feeds from client-proprietary data sources or public data sources
  • Calibration algorithms to match stochastic models to the market
  • Multi-asset Monte Carlo simulation framework for FX, rates and commodities
  • Interactive visualisation and combination charts
  • Comprehensive analysis with complex calculations
  • Actionable insights for better decision making, with very little processing time
  • Intuitive presentation of analysis output with rich graphics
  • Timely and accurate reporting
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