Automated Data & Investment Reporting Tool – FundMETRIX

FundMETRIX, our data and investment reporting tool powered by a dedicated data-governance platform, enables asset managers to publish reports while ensuring data accuracy, quick turnaround time and cost efficiency.

Ensures data quality and increases speed to market

FundMETRIX is a data and investment reporting managed services solution powered by a custom technology platform. Through our Data governance platform – Data Bridge, We Provide Custom data management workflow solution to aggregate the data from multiple sources, cleanse, validate and store it in a central repository, Our Report Production platform – Report Engine, allows us to provide bespoke, flexible and scalable visualization/report production tool. Our Bespoke Investment reporting tool ensures data quality and enhanced speed to market. Our long-standing relationships with global investment banks, asset management firms and hedge funds are testament to our client-centric and high-quality work, some of the core values of Acuity Knowledge Partners.

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    Strong data governance

    Benefit from efficient data sourcing, validation and ingestion through our proprietary Data Bridge solution

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    Gain access to an industrialised platform to build and scale report production

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    Use FundMETRIX, along with managed services, to build custom reports with minimal effort and cost

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    Speed to market

    Gain access to a robust workflow with effective dashboards that have data edit and audit trails to reduce turnaround time

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    Cost effectiveness and flexibility

    Leverage the FundMETRIX reporting platform, along with managed services, to establish a flexible, cost-effective solution

Why Choose FundMETRIX - Automated Data Reporting Tool?

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    30-50% cost saving

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    Shorter turnaround

    80-85% faster turnaround time

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    95% accurate and timely data uploads

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    100% asset class coverage

Flexible, scalable and cost-effective data and reporting technology platform

Robust, bespoke automated data-reporting technology and managed services solution

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