EDGE in Consultant Database (CDB) Uploads

Acuity Knowledge Partners offers a unique and flexible consultant database (CDB) update solution that combines smart technologies (EDGE) and CDB specialisms to ensure minimal time is spent at the client’s end on timely, hassle-free and accurate CDB updates. EDGE is a custom-built proprietary platform that helps automate the CDB update process, reduces turnaround time, increases efficiency and delivers significant cost savings.
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  • Supports all major consultant websites; easily scalable to add more websites
  • Accepts data in multiple formats
  • Provides single-click, multiple data upload options
  • Customized CDB reporting
  • Efficient workflow to help track status, preview data and approve changes
  • Provides an informative dashboard snapshot of major milestones, status updates, issue log, performance matrix, and notifications

Approach & Impact

  • Employ an in-depth implementation process to ensure efficient data mapping and structured process documentation
  • Design bespoke CDB reporting templates to accommodate client reporting preferences, data formats and data dissemination to meet specific consultant requirements
  • Perform multi-layer data-quality checks to ensure error-free CDB updates, i.e., quality check input data and preview data options, and implement a CDB update review process
  • Fix discrepancies that may arise due to legacy data system issues; for example, address data classification and formatting issues
  • Perform pre- and post-production activities to ensure changes/feedback is incorporated into the EDGE platform
  • Track work flow and the dashboard to ensure effective communication, and implement a process to ensure smooth flow of project activities
  • Consistent and accurate uploads
  • 30-40% more cost effective than other service providers’ tools
  • 40-50% shorter turnaround
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