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Global organizations face a number of challenges in areas such as capturing growth in emerging markets, staying nimble, and capitalizing on digital technologies. To succeed in such a complex environment, reliance on traditional benchmark data alone is insufficient

Leading companies need to go beyond the traditional benchmarking and cost-cutting strategies that served them well in the past. They should align their organizational and cost structures to fit the strategic choices they face in each market.

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  • Digitizing the internal benchmark repository: Enables the user to access internal benchmark repositories of functional and industry-specific metrics
  • Access to top-level and detailed metrics: Users can access both top-level and detailed benchmarks through multiple filter mechanisms and advanced search options
  • Customization: Maintenance teams can update the most recent benchmarks
  • Support for external data sources: Scalable to add external data sources and automate data fetching from and processing of each source

Approach & Impact

  • Use of proven algorithms to compute benchmarks using internal data
  • Application of interpolation and overlay (if required) to customize external benchmark information through a single platform
  • 24x7 and real-time availability of benchmarks instead of manual maintenance by a specific resource group
  • Customer delight with increased features and data visualization
  • Potential time savings of 30-40%, with almost zero re-work effort
  • Ability to focus on the quality of offered benchmarks rather than on managing delivery
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