Annual Survey Digitization in Investment Banking 2019

Acuity Knowledge Partners, conducted a survey of global investment bankers to understand the impact of technology and digitization on the investment banking landscape. Our survey focused on understanding the digitization strategy of global investment banks (IBs), regional/mid-size firms and specialist/boutique advisory firms globally.

Key Takeaways

• 48% of the respondents already have a centralized digitization strategy or are building one.
• Nearly 84% of the respondents recognized productivity enhancement as the key benefit, while 63% acknowledged cost savings as an important driver.
• Over 80% of the respondents believe Big Data and Analytics to be the most disruptive technology for IB.
• Respondents were almost split between in-house development of technology and purchasing off-the shelf products.
• 53% of the respondents are using or planning to use technology solutions for executing their core IB processes.

Annual Survey Digitization in Investment Banking 2019

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