Accelerated adoption of emerging technologies amid COVID-19 pandemic

Emerging technologies, including AI, RPA, cloud and 3D printing, are seeing a high rate of adoption across industries amid the pandemic. They are helping companies recover by addressing key challenges such as workforce shortages resulting in inefficient operations, the need to reduce operating costs to survive and the need to maintain social distancing to ensure safety & compliance with pandemic-related guidelines.
Adopting these technologies appears to be mandatory for sustaining a business amid the changing market dynamics in this environment. Organisations are, therefore, adjusting their strategic priorities to capitalise on emerging technologies to remain competitive.

Key Takeaways

• AI emerged as the most popular technology, readily adopted for achieving operational
  efficiency, enhancing process speed and accuracy, and identifying and resolving
  operational bottlenecks
• Adopting cloud technology is essential if an organisation is to change its operating
  model to remote working
• 3D printing has gained popularity in the medical sector to meet high demand for
  medical and healthcare supplies such as PPE, NP swabs, masks and related accessories
• RPA is helping automate redundant tasks to improve productivity. It is also being
  implemented increasingly in the healthcare services sector to optimise the screening
  process for coronavirus infection, and distribution and management of COVID-19 vaccines

Accelerated adoption of emerging technologies amid COVID-19 pandemic

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