Adapting in the next normal  

As the first half of the year draws to a close in the shadow of the global pandemic, there is no higher priority than to stay ahead and stay relevant in the new normal. At Acuity, we are unwaveringly working alongside our global banking and financial services clients, helping them to emerge stronger and achieve the extraordinary. I am delighted to share our comprehensive coverage of trends and insights tailored to global financial services. I also encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Resources Hub for more research, insights, and bespoke solutions that can help you make on-the-ground and real-time decisions.

We hope you and your organisation navigate these challenging times successfully and you, your family and colleagues remain safe.

Gyanendra N Pati, Director, Global Head of Marketing

  Acuity Investment Reporting Survey for Asset Managers 2020  
  Our Investment Reporting Survey for 2020 reveals that only 30% of asset managers are able to meet their reporting deadlines despite using the latest, cutting-edge reporting tools. Get free access to the survey findings.  
  Model risk management and investment firms: Delivering on the quest for a streamlined process  
  With increased regulatory pressure, a robust model risk management (MRM) process is becoming a priority for financial institutions. This insights paper explores how investment firms are setting up MRM processes and frameworks, and the challenges they often face in this endeavour.  
  An ESG perspective: Evaluating companies amid COVID-19  
  We scan the horizon in the new normal to help management teams balance short-term business risks and long-term value creation. Our newest ESG white paper offers vital clues for management teams to win in the new normal.  
  Consulting firms could help restructure distressed assets in the new normal  
  As the global economic situation deteriorates amid the pandemic, we believe leading consulting firms offering restructuring and turnaround services can provide significant help to companies requiring right-sizing, cost optimisation and efficiency improvements.  

  What negative oil prices mean for the top exporting countries  
  The collapse of oil prices, triggered by the pandemic and the Saudi Arabia-Russia price war, forces the world’s top oil-exporting countries to navigate an uncharted path to recovery.  
Impact of the global lockdown – A perspective on investment management and compliance   COVID-19: How the pandemic has boosted the US primary investment-grade bond market
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With declining earnings and margins, fast and focused decision making, and strategic and innovative thinking become all the more important to navigate through a rough and choppy market. Learn more from an investment management and compliance perspective.

  Learn how the Great Lockdown is boosting the US primary investment-grade bond market while other sectors are adversely affected.

Credit research and risk: Lessons from the previous crisis: Risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin   The post-COVID-19 world – Financial advisors help navigate through the liquidity crisis
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Attractive investment opportunities appear whenever the market yields to prolonged indiscriminate selling. Given the current scenario, opportunities could arise in the distressed debt, high-yield debt, emerging-market debt and leveraged lending spaces.

  As companies face challenges in terms of incremental cash, working capital and liquidity, they are turning to specialist financial advisors to help them weather the crisis and keep their businesses viable.

Gearing up to fight financial crime in these stressful times   GCC capital markets navigating in unprecedented times
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Apart from money-laundering threats during and after the present crisis, firms could also face reputation risk of doing business with unscrupulous entities/individuals.

  Learn how the Middle East is coping with the double shock – the impact of COVID-19 and the oil price plunge.

Best practices to improve efficiency of your consultant database update process   Can digital neobanks survive the COVID-19 crisis?
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We have helped asset managers enhance product visibility, improve data quality and achieve significant cost and time savings. Explore our comprehensive guide of consultant database updating best practices.

  Neobanks, which revolutionised and posed a threat to the traditional banking systems, are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What does the future hold for neobanks?

COVID-19 – From the asset management industry’s perspective   Technology, talent and risk management – Striking a balance amid a recession
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In this blog, we share our views on the potential impact of the pandemic and provide options that the asset management industry may consider in its response.

  Decision makers in banks and other financial institutions are re-evaluating their business strategies. What factors related to the key focus areas of technology, talent and risk management should they consider?

Private equity gearing up for the distressed market?   The next normal: Marketing and reporting strategy for asset and wealth managers in 2020
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Private equity (PE) firms may now be keenly waiting for new market opportunities in the post-pandemic era as company valuations drop, with some sectors worse hit than others. In this blog, we share our perspective on upcoming market opportunities and how PE firms can get ready to take on the market.

  Asset and wealth managers are rapidly reassessing their marketing and reporting strategies in line with volatile industry trends owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our subject-matter experts reveal their insights on how to re-think your strategic objectives.

  New innovations from our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) suite  
TombstoneHub | Automated Tombstone Generator   BEAT FolioSure | Automated Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring Solution
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Explore our SaaS-based solution that can help automate and create fully formatted credential slides in your PPT template instantly.

  FolioSure is a fully integrated technology solution that automates your portfolio monitoring. Achieve 40-50% shorter turnaround times for your portfolio monitoring function.

BEATFlow | Workflow Management Tool   FundMETRIX | Data Reporting Technology
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An easy-to-onboard, adaptable workflow management system that ensures engagement return on investment for investment banks, commercial banks, and private equity and consulting firms.

  A bespoke automated data reporting technology and managed services solution that can be tailored to fit your business’s scale and tackle existing reporting challenges.

CovenantPulse | Lending Covenant Monitoring Solution   Edge | Consultant Database Update Platform
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A platform that provides an in-depth understanding of covenant performance trends and early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality via interactive dashboards and advanced covenant informatics.

  A unique and flexible consultant database (CDB) updating solution that combines new technology and CDB specialists to streamline asset managers’ CDB updating processes.

Model Risk Management (MRM)   Restructuring and Debt Advisory
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Leverage cost-effective, makeshift model risk management teams to meet clients’ regulatory deadlines. We help document complex models and develop model monitoring and testing, helping lines of business focus on value-added tasks while seamlessly achieving regulatory compliance.

  We empower restructuring advisors with comprehensive research, due diligence and analytics to gain a competitive advantage and win and execute more restructuring mandates.

Private Credit and Direct Lending Solutions   Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions
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We offer comprehensive support to private equity and venture capital firms – from deal origination and target screening to live deal support and portfolio monitoring.

  Access Acuity’s expertise in providing climate change (CC) solutions, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) solutions, and ESG solutions.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Services   Data Science and Analytics
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We have set up best-in-class RFP and due diligence questionnaire platforms for leading global asset managers. Our combination of people, process and technology can help transform your RFP content management process.

  Explore our bespoke, transparent and return on investment-driven data science solutions that are contextual to the financial services industry.

  Managing Compliance Risks in the New Normal  
  This limited-audience, hour-long panel discussion explores how your peers are managing their compliance risks and preparing for the new normal. It features expert panellists with decades of experience in managing compliance functions for a variety of firms.  

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