The current changes in the global macro and microenvironment are profoundly impacting the financial industry. The Federal Reserve's contemplation of further rate hikes adds an element of uncertainty to the equation. Several economies recorded lower-than-expected growth in 2023, prompting us to closely examine the factors at play and assess the implications for our business and investment strategies. In addition, the impact of the debt ceiling raise cannot be overlooked. This decision has implications for government borrowing costs, fiscal policies and the broader economic outlook. We must analyse the potential consequences and adapt our strategies accordingly. Our recently concluded survey of the Private Markets and key trends shaping Asset Management offers greater insights into key market movements.

Moving on to the mid-year macro markets outlook, we are likely facing an environment of slow growth and sticky inflation. By closely monitoring and evaluating these financial developments, we can capitalise on emerging opportunities, mitigate risks and drive sustainable growth. Furthermore, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the stock market and the broader financial industry cannot be overlooked. AI-driven analytics, algorithmic trading and data-driven insights are revolutionising the way we approach investments and decision-making, enhancing efficiency and precision.

In this edition, we are happy to share detailed insights and intelligence to help you navigate the current uncertainties and drive growth. We present some of our most recent findings on improving efficiency and mitigating risks. We hope our research and thought leadership will continue to support you in your transformation journey.

Gyanendra N Pati, Senior Director, Global Head of Marketing

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Global private market outlook 2023 Key trends in asset management – 2023 and beyond
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Eager to know how the Private Equity and Venture Capital Sector is shaping up for 2023 and beyond? Get deep insight into private markets across Fundraising, Valuations and Exits, ESG Integration and more. Download the report now!

Explores the key trends in the asset management industry, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape and empowering professionals to stay informed and make informed investment decisions.

Debt ceiling Boosting performance with sentiment analysis
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Understand the potential effects on government finances, financial markets, and the economy as a whole.

Learn how sentiment analysis can unlock valuable insights from textual data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

ChatGPT – a powerful tool for financial analysts A climate-related approach to private equity investments
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Discover the benefits of leveraging artificial intelligence for enhanced analysis and decision-making in the financial industry.

Explore the transformative potential of aligning financial goals with sustainability and responsible investing.

ESG Insights
ESG consulting: A tidal wave taking consultants upwards and onwards Blue carbon: The planet’s carbon sink
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Explore the rising importance of ESG consulting and navigate the ESG landscape and leverage sustainable practices for long-term success and positive impact.

The blue carbon market is a new and growing opportunity. Gain valuable insights into the role of coastal ecosystems in mitigating carbon emissions and promoting climate change resilience.

Investing in biodiversity can help us to build resilience to climate change. Learn the importance the biodiversity.

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Public finance Research content services
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Robust experience in supporting investment banks and financial institutions in various public finance engagements providing support across the advisory and underwriting value chain

Editing, writing, repackaging, approving and managing content. Good content is crucial for building an audience, establishing credibility and driving conversations.

Trending solutions and digital applications
We continue to enhance our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) applications and managed solutions suite to help analysts and operational teams significantly improve turnaround time, accuracy and quality.
TombstoneHub: Automated credential builder CovenantPulse: Bespoke covenant monitoring and validation services FolioSure: Portfolio monitoring for private equity and venture capital
Flexible and customisable managed solutions to efficiently manage the entire database upload workflow, including managing raw data and updating clean data in a timely and accurate manner

CovenantPulse is an automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics

A fully customisable advanced managed solution for PE/VC portfolio monitoring. Achieve 30-40% cost savings and 50% shorter turnaround time for portfolio monitoring and LP reporting

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VC pessimism runs through data, surveys; PE's growing SPAC involvement Expectations for different asset classes in 2023 Breaking Barriers: Empowering women in the tech industry
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Be inspired by the remarkable journeys and achievements of trailblazing women in the industry. Know how they upskilled themselves to lead from the front; the role of mentoring and networking in career growth; balancing personal and professional commitments!
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