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The global economy has been impacted significantly by the recent collapse of SVB and Signature Bank in the US and the contagion with Credit Suisse, forcing an unprecedented merger where AT1 bond holders ranked lower than equity and HSBC stepped in to buy SVB’s European franchise for GBP1. This was the fastest digital run on a bank ever, resulting in lessons to be learnt by the entire marketplace as well as regulators and boards. This would have a direct impact on new requirements in risk management, risk stress testing, treasury reporting and even the allure or worth of AT1 bonds from an investment profile perspective.

SVB’s collapse was mainly due to overexposure to safe assets such as US bonds with long-term maturity, whose values declined after continued interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. These were not hedged for short-term liquidity needs, eventually leading to a bank run. New regulatory changes are on the way; one such is the “bank term funding programme” (BTFP), which refers to an emergency lending programme designed to provide liquidity to distressed banks. This is just the start of new reforms in this area, and we are certain the European Central Bank will roll out similar measures in Europe.

All this turmoil on top of the problematic higher interest rates and the decline in investment banking deal pipelines is creating a near-perfect storm and a circular issue for market confidence. We see banks and asset managers turning in earnest to enhancing cost-cutting measures. Many banks and asset managers have still not grasped the opportunity of using transformation and analytical support, and we continue to advocate this widely. We believe it is time for those of our clients in such a situation to more strategically partner with us to effect larger-scale transformation and cost savings. We have wide experience in assisting with such transformations and are ready to help you with execution in 2023 and prepare you to enjoy a more robust P&L in 2024.

Gyanendra N Pati, Senior Director, Global Head of Marketing

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Control function services   Paralegal services
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Our product control team delivers tailored service offerings. We optimise key performance indicators (KPIs), initiate process improvements, increase cost-effectiveness and improve operational flexibility for corporate and investment banks using existing infrastructure.

  Holistic support to financial institutions, corporates and law firms to help them meet contractual, legal and other regulatory requirements. Our team of experts function as an extension of your team, helping you navigate short- and long-term requirements.

  We are the market leaders in marketing and reporting solutions for global asset managers, counting some of the largest and marquee names as our clients. On the back of our robust growth, we have expanded our client base to include wealth managers, commercial banks, ETF houses and private equity firms.  
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  We continue to enhance our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) applications and managed solutions suite to help analysts and operational teams significantly improve turnaround time, accuracy and quality.  
TombstoneHub: Automated credential builder   CovenantPulse: Bespoke covenant monitoring and validation services   FolioSure: Portfolio monitoring for private equity and venture capital
Flexible and customisable managed solutions to efficiently manage the entire database upload workflow, including managing raw data and updating clean data in a timely and accurate manner

  CovenantPulse is an automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics

  A fully customisable advanced managed solution for PE/VC portfolio monitoring. Achieve 30-40% cost savings and 50% shorter turnaround time for portfolio monitoring and LP reporting

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