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The turbulent equity market, against a backdrop of inflation and increasing interest rates, is likely to dampen economic growth this year. This scenario, coupled with an unprecedented mass exit from the workforce that resulted in the Great Resignation, has caused an acute shortage of skilled labour globally. At Acuity, over 25% of our analysts and employees are operating safely from office. We also introduced new healthcare and insurance coverage for our India and Sri Lanka employees, maximising coverage and increasing cover for hospitalisation expenses.

With the near-term outlook expected to remain unstable, senior decision-makers across the banking and financial services sectors will likely continue to focus on innovation, digitalisation, efficiency, cost optimisation and faster go-to-market to serve their customers better.

In yet another compelling edition of our quarterly newsletter, we share recent findings, insights and thoughts on how global financial firms can navigate this turbulence and drive growth. We trust our research and thought leadership will continue to help you on your innovation and transformation journey.

Gyanendra N Pati, Director, Global Head of Marketing

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Hedge fund market trends in 2022   Private equity fundraising’s post-pandemic recovery
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The blog discusses the key market trends we expect for hedge funds through 2022. Investors are experiencing a new set of risks in 2022 with persistent market volatility and uncertainty driven by the conflict in Ukraine, elevated inflation levels and central banks’ moves to tighten monetary policy.

  Our landmark survey shows that private equity and venture capital (PE&VC) professionals have been able to recover quickly to pre-pandemic fundraising levels and are enthusiastic about fundraising in 2022.

Free float: a key factor in stock indices   Insights: Post-pandemic paradigms in structured finance, and the growing role of the credit analyst
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Know how the free-float methodology accurately reflects market trends and market volatility. Free float is an important metric that influences the price of a security

  Know how expectations of robust growth in structured finance, coupled with the ongoing LIBOR transition, the increasing relevance of ESG and the growing scope of blockchain technology within the industry, have increased the scope and complexity of the role of credit analysts within the industry.

The energy conundrum – can Europe cope if Russia’s gas supply is disrupted?   Foreign automakers – not much to lose from exiting Russia
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Learn how the Russia-Ukraine crisis has led to a major shock in the energy sector. The US has already banned Russian oil and gas imports, and Europe is announcing plans to reduce its reliance on Russian gas.

  Learn more about the changing landscape in Russia’s auto market, where the domestic and Chinese carmakers are likely to gain market share.

Riding the sanctions – the new phase of the oil market   Portfolio diversification through gold – adding more than just glitter
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Irrespective of the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war, the sanctions imposed on Russia will lead to structural changes, resulting in a new normal for the global energy market.

  In this article, we analyse portfolio returns and a risk matrix of different portfolios with the three main asset classes – equity, debt and gold.

Evolution of ESG Investing; The New Normal   Whitepaper: ESG Model validation
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Explore how ESG regulation will be the next wave to comply with, benefiting stakeholders and boosting investment in the long term.

  Know how ESG model validation can enable these stakeholders to assess quantitative/qualitative ESG models.

The UK CRE market – will it land on its feet?   Regulatory scrutiny of WhatsApp use for business communications
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The UK’s commercial real estate (CRE) sector is the second largest in Europe, but investments in CRE have been decreasing, after reaching a peak in 2015, mainly due to lengthy Brexit negotiations and the pandemic.

  Employees have made WhatsApp a regular channel for business communication without being aware that the use of these for business is strictly prohibited. Read here to understand the preventive measures firms can take to avoid non-compliance.

  New Videos  
Middle-office operations for asset managers   The RFP Playbook: Your guide to ensuring deal-winning responses   TombstoneHub: Automated Credentials Builder for Investment Banks
Learn how we partner with asset managers, wealth managers and hedge funds to help them run robust, cost-effective and stable middle-office operations and create “operational alpha”.

  We look at 10 interdependent areas – ranging from ESG and fixed income to navigating the nuances of RFP writing – to ensure RFP submissions from your firm come out on top.

  TombstoneHub streamlines and automates the creation of fully formatted tombstones or credential slides for investment bankers.

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  Trending solutions and digital applications  
  We continue to enhance our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) applications and managed solutions suite to help analysts and operational teams significantly improve turnaround times, accuracy and quality.  
CovenantPulse: Covenant monitoring and validation software   FolioSure: Portfolio monitoring for private equity and venture capital   TombstoneHub: Automated credential builder
An automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics.

  Explore the new and improved FolioSure, with exciting features such as configurable fund and LP reporting, seamless KPI addition and mapping, fund cash flow and performance analysis across multiple currencies, depending on client requirements.

  The latest release of TombstoneHub offers our clients even more functionality to support the creation of their credential presentations and slides.

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The Street: Why are flights being cancelled?   AP NEWS: ‘I can’t see the light’: War fuels surging prices in Europe   Financial Management Magazine: How CFOs are grappling with increasing complexity in M&A market
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Bloomberg: China’s central bank may gradually shift away from RRR cuts.   Global Banking & Finance Review: How technology is answering the ESG data demands of investment analysts   Funds-europe: Regulation: What is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive?
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