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There is widespread concern about the global economic outlook amid high and persistent inflation, elevated geopolitical uncertainties and aggressive monetary tightening. We continue to provide bespoke research, analytics and technology solutions to leading financial institutions, investment banks, asset managers and private equity clients so they can remain resilient and navigate these turbulent times.

We are excited to share the news of our acquisition of Cians Analytics, as it helps deepen our capabilities across investment banking, private equity and hedge funds, data and research, and provide our clients with the highest-quality service offerings and market-leading technology tools. We welcome our 500 new employees and 50 clients. We take pride in being able to partner with them and look forward to deeper discussions on how we can deliver further transformation in this expected new economic environment.

In this edition, we are happy to share detailed insights and intelligence to help you navigate the current uncertainties and drive growth. We present some of our most recent findings on improving efficiency and mitigating risks. We hope our research and thought leadership will continue to support you in your innovation and transformation journey.

Gyanendra N Pati, Senior Director, Global Head of Marketing

  Exclusive and original insights from Acuity  
Seven common mistakes corporates make when incorporating ESG into their operations   Green and blue bonds – redefining financial institutions' portfolios and services
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Learn about these common mistakes that hinder implementation

  Learn why green and blue bonds have been trending recently with increased awareness of sustainability and ESG considerations.

Overcoming challenges inherent in co-investment deals   Role of risk management in commercial real estate (CRE) wealth creation
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Learn why investors are increasingly considering co-investment deals or extending their allocations, and why it is critical to deploy a qualified team that understands the dynamics of co-investing and the need for a strong evaluation process

  Learn why a well-diversified portfolio that includes CRE assets is essential for investors to increase their wealth

Financial editing: Five reasons why your business document needs an editing expert’s review   Alternative investment outlook: Navigating the operating challenges and leveraging an outsourcing business model for solutions
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Explore how well-laid-out, well-expressed and unambiguous written material can help seal the deal. A well-crafted piece of financial literature is the result of a lot of groundwork – from research and number crunching to the application of formulae

  This outlines the key operating challenges – from streamlining operational tasks and increasing awareness of alternatives to talent management and the role of technology – and discusses how an outsourcing model can be leveraged to overcome them

New video: Acuity’s consulting services   New video: Acuity’s award-winning EDGE consultant database solutions
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Are your consultants facing a talent crunch, leading to delays in project execution? We work as an extension of your team to enhance bandwidth and provide niche skill sets to achieve your business objectives

  Will gamification be the next step in the evolution of marketing for the financial services sector?

  Trending solutions and digital applications  
  We continue to enhance our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) applications and managed solutions suite to help analysts and operational teams significantly improve turnaround time, accuracy and quality  
CovenantPulse: Covenant monitoring and validation software   FolioSure: Portfolio monitoring for private equity and venture capital firms   TombstoneHub: Automated credential builder
An automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics

  Explore the new and improved FolioSure, with exciting features such as configurable fund and LP reporting, seamless KPI addition and mapping, fund cashflow and performance analysis across currencies

  The latest release of TombstoneHub offers our clients even more functionality to support the creation of credential presentations and slides

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Lexis Nexis: Outsourcing trends in the banking sector   European Financial Review: Financial Services: Flick the Switch and Stand Back? Not Yet   The Fintech Times:The benefits of outsourcing in fintech
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S&P Global: Barclays leads US, European peers in a strong 2Q for banks' trading desks   Global Finance: Investors flock to Gulf IPOs   S&P GlobalMagazine: US-listed Chinese companies' homecoming to buoy mainland, Hong Kong exchanges
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