Newsletter: Issue 26 – Q1, 2019  
  Automated Portfolio Monitoring Tool - Launching in May  
  We are planning the launch of our portfolio monitoring tool, that is tailor-made for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.  
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  One of our finest client delivery and innovation center is located in proximity to volcanoes, beaches, and tropical forests.  
  Find out why our clients are strategically leveraging Costa Rica to fast track innovation  
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Leveraged Lending   Bridging the Talent Gap in Private Equity
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Banks may be at substantial risk when they hold leveraged loans on their balance sheet. Explore the implications for you as a global investor.

  PE firms - gain a talent edge. Reformulate your HR strategies in line with the forces shaping the future.

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Investment Compliance – Challenges Faced in Coding of Investment Restrictions   Broker Votes System — A Strategic Product for Investment Research Firms
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Have you been facing increased pressure on improving risk management, looking to maintain comprehensive audit reports and streamline your processes with new regulatory requirements? This blog could help you with vital insights.

  Investment research firms are investing in upgrading their legacy broker votes systems to accommodate new regulatory changes. Learn how Moody's is already helping buy-side and sell-side firms and how you can benefit.

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ESG Funds and Rising Acceptance by Millennials   Corporate Treasuries – Hedging Analytics Simplified
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Gain insights on ESG funds. Explore how you can leverage Moody’s to perform sector specific ESG analysis, periodic updates, scoring and usage of fragmented data to make better investment decisions.

  Constantly exposed to uncertainties of changing interest and exchange rates? Which directly influences borrowing costs and revenue streams. Then explore BEAT Navigator, an exposure simulation and hedge optimization engine.

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  MOODY’S SURVEY 2019 – Digitization in Investment Banking
  Moody’s Survey on Digitization in Investment Banking  
  The survey aims to understand how best-in-class Investment Banks and Advisory firms are using and planning to use digitization as part of their strategy. The survey will take less than three minutes to complete. We are also delighted to share an exclusive pre-released copy with you.  
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Leveraged Lending Solutions   Financial Spreading Solutions
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New leveraged lending guidelines require a robust monitoring framework for leveraged loans. Learn how you can benefit with Moody’s expertise.

  Centralized spreading support empowers you to focus on origination, new business, and revenue-generating activities.

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PE & VC Solutions   Forensic Testing Compliance   Index and ETF Solutions
Fast track innovation, increase research coverage and improve operational efficiency. Also, automate your portfolio monitoring

  Enhance your visibility to non-automated risks. Mitigate emerging business risks by conducting deep dive thematic reviews.

  Enhance pure beta replication or create your own bespoke indices. Access skilled talent to scale up your index practice

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  Webinar - Alternative data – The future of investment insights  
  April 25, 2019  
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