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Market volatility continued as central banks across the world scrambled to address inflation with interest rate hikes. Meanwhile, rising energy prices and supply-chain issues have resulted in political and economic disruptions amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Elevated uncertainty has slowed IPO activity, reduced the investment banking deal pipeline and sent asset managers rushing to rebalance portfolios and assess risk. With the near-term outlook unstable, senior decision makers across the banking and financial services sector are looking for resilience through innovation, digitalisation, efficiency, cost optimisation and faster go-to-market to serve their customers better.

We are happy to be back with more insights and intelligence to navigate the current uncertainties and drive growth. We present some of our most recent findings on improving efficiency and mitigating risks in this edition. We trust our research and thought leadership will continue to help you on your innovation and transformation journey.

Gyanendra N Pati, Director, Global Head of Marketing

  Exclusive and Original Insights from Acuity  
Russia-Ukraine war: ramifications for Russia and the West   Alternative data-powered machine learning modelling for digital lending
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The blog highlights how Russia's war on Ukraine has led not only to a large humanitarian crisis, but also to a black-swan event for markets. It also details the sanctions the West has imposed on Russia, denting the Russian economy, and their effects on global markets.

  Finding potential borrowers and rejecting loan applications accurately are the two most common challenges banks face with their lending products. This blog helps you understand how alternative data-powered machine learning modelling can help banks overcome these challenges efficiently

Building a future-proof digital bank – the future of banking   Sustainable finance – the pathway to climate transition and ESG integration – Investment Banking
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This white paper outlines how banks would have to develop robust digital ecosystem strategies founded on sustainability and financial inclusion if they are to be “future-proof”

  Sustainable financing plays a key role in delivering the UN’s SDGs under its climate commitments. It has become a powerful tool, backed by regulators, institutional investors, asset owners and managers and clients worldwide, helping transition economies from “brown” to “green”.
US municipal debt market – the new winner in a post-COVID-19 world   Pandemic’s impact on fund administration
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This white paper provides an overview of munis’ performance in 2020 and 2021. Each of these years saw record issuance of more than USD475bn. The paper also lists opportunities in the muni market and an outlook for the coming year.

  Fund administrators faced technical and operational challenges when setting up work-from-home infrastructure for their employees and ensuring uninterrupted operations. This blog outlines how they overcame these challenges within a short period of time and the practices that helped them survive the crisis.

Strategic developments in the corporate and commercial banking sector   Top 10 mistakes in commercial real estate (CRE) transactions
Blog   Blog
To understand the impact of the pandemic, current challenges and new priorities for the sector, we conducted a survey of senior decision makers at global and regional corporate and commercial banks. This report summarises the key findings.

  This article highlights the most common mistakes made by seasoned CRE owners and how they could be avoided to ensure smooth transactions.

Trends in the investment banking sector to be attentive to in 2022   Impact of technology on trading and compliance
Blog   Blog
Investment banks have started following hybrid conference/roadshow strategies and using the latest technology to realign and revamp deal origination strategies.

  This article highlights the most common mistakes made by seasoned CRE owners and how they could be avoided to ensure smooth transactions.

The RFP playbook: your guide to ensuring deal-winning responses   Survey of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms
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As asset and wealth managers prepare to step boldly into a post-pandemic world, it is critical that they maximise efficiency and synergy in all facets of their work processes. This is made possible by ensuring all stages of the RFP deal bid are fine-tuned and synergised to convert proposals into wins.

  The survey gathers insights and opinions on a range of subjects and professional opinions on how firms may fare in 2022 in terms of fundraising, dry powder, regulations, ESG considerations, PE operations, investing areas, strategies, outsourcing, valuations and exits.

  Trending solutions and digital applications  
  We continue to enhance our Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) applications and managed solutions suite to help your analysts and operational teams significantly improve turnaround times, accuracy and quality  
  BEAT FolioSure  
  Explore the new and improved FolioSure, with exciting features such as configurable fund and LP reporting, seamless KPI addition and mapping, fund cash flow and performance analysis across multiple currencies, depending on client requirements.  

BEAT AdInspect   BEAT CovenantPulse   TombstoneHub
An end-to-end automated workflow tool for submitting, reviewing, approving and archiving marketing and advertising material. AdInspect is highly customisable and provides full transparency of advertising submissions and review metrics.

  CovenantPulse is an automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics.

  TombstoneHub streamlines and automates the creation of fully formatted tombstones or credential slides for investment bankers.

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S&P Global Market Intelligence Global banks face volatility after FICC, equities income fall in 4Q21   Law360 IPO market appears stalled for the near future   FundFire Compliance teams struggle with increase in marketing, new content formats
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The Journal of Structured Finance CLOs in hypergrowth mode, but LIBOR transition a near-term challenge   Private Equity Insider Acuity Knowledge Partners’ survey reveals an optimistic outlook for PE and VC firms despite rising competition   CardRates Acuity’s digital lending support helps credit institutions streamline workflows and improve service
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