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Amid the uncertain near-term outlook, leaders across the financial services sector will likely continue to focus on optimising costs, improving efficiency and driving product and service innovation to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. We had the privilege of hosting four senior commercial real estate sector leaders who shared valuable insights on how they are navigating through tough markets and persistent volatility and what their priorities are going into 2023. Do listen to the recorded webinar available on the link below.

In this edition, we share our perspectives on dealing with the challenges of non-standardised data and creating a spreading centre of excellence to establish a solid foundation for your transformation journey. Also included below are links to some of our thought-leadership content on currently pertinent themes. Happy reading!

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Solutions

Commercial real estate trends 2022   Significance of consistent and uniform financial spreading
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The CRE sector will likely focus on unconventional themes this year, with lenders rejigging their portfolios. A growing number of lenders and investors are rejecting traditional sectors in favour of demographics-focused sectors such as student and senior housing, life sciences/labs, data centres and cold storage

  Financial Spreading warrants the same thoughtful input as underwriting and should not be treated as a mechanical process. Read about the challenges in financial spreading and documentation processes

The growing letter-of-credit (LC) business   Stablecoins: a new era of money and payment systems
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The increasing challenges are necessitating a more thorough and careful examination of trade contracts, LC terms and export documents. A number of importers and exporters are also seeing the need to rely on expert knowledge to manage their growing global businesses

  The imminent benefits of stablecoins have already encouraged industry participants such as JP Morgan (JPM Coin) and Visa to join the system. Stablecoins are expected to play a vital role in the current banking environment

Green and blue bonds – redefining financial institutions’ portfolios and services   Challenges of integrating an ESG approach into lending
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Green and blue bonds have been trending recently with increased awareness of sustainability and ESG considerations; many individual investors, companies and even governments are stepping up their preference for such bonds

  Incorporating ESG considerations into investment policy is the most effective way to institutionalise the practice, but this comes with challenges


CovenantPulse – Covenant monitoring and validation software


An automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of covenant performance, delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics. Our clients use this solution as a self-service model (a SaaS approach) or as an exhaustive managed services model. Find out more on our website.

Financial spreading – centre of excellence: Creating a centre of excellence in financial spreading for global clients   Impact story: Financial spreading and covenant monitoring solutions for a mid-size US bank
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Acuity helps lenders set up centres of excellence by combining deep domain expertise with contextual technology through our digital spreading service. The model caters to the credit DNA of lenders while benefiting from global best practices

  Read how Acuity enabled USD1.5m in cost savings, 50% more efficient monitoring and a 30% increase in loan volumes managed onshore

The European Financial Review: Flick the Switch and Stand Back? Not Yet   National Mortgage News: Mortgage staffing outlook
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Acuity’s CEO Robert King’s talks on the future of knowledge process outsourcing in the financial services sector and shares his insights for SMEs and global businesses to navigate through the current global economic uncertainties

  Rajul Sood, Senior Director and Global Head of Lending Services, shares her views on banks becoming more receptive to concepts such as offshoring. As cost and competitive pressures mount and as non-depositories reduce the amount of business, banks would require help with processing


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