Newsletter: Issue 29 – Q4, 2019  
  Further to our announcement in November, we are happy to rebrand ourselves as Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity). Under our new brand, we will continue to provide market-leading bespoke research, analytics and technology solutions to a growing, blue-chip client base of over 300 financial services firms globally.  
  Why Acuity Knowledge Partners?  
  Acuity means “the ability to think accurately and clearly.” We believe these words reflect the ethos and qualities of our business. We aspire to bring Acuity to our customers through our work. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and domain expertise, and all our successes are built on partnerships with our customers, employees and communities. The infinity symbol reflects our persistent commitment to growth, quality and innovation.  
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  Growth Beyond Expectations - Acuity Knowledge Partners brings transformative benefits, empowering customers to do more with less.  
  Best of version: Here is the best of our opinions and insights on industry trends, carefully curated and assembled just for you.  
  Below are the 8 thought leadership articles that have been trending since they were published. If you haven’t read any of these articles, then do download and print them, as they make excellent weekend reads.  
Sustainable Finance – The New frontier for Investment Banking Growth   Distressed Debt Investing – Opportunities while the Credit Cycle Turns
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Opportunities and risks associated with climate change and the UN sanctioned mandate on SDGs have opened up new areas of opportunities, largely aimed at investments that are environmentally and socially sustainable.

  Analyses the strategic solutions available for distressed debt investors to create a proprietary investment research process that provides a sustainable and unique edge.

Bridging the Talent Gap in Private Equity   Leveraged Lending – Are Risks Piling Up?
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Learn how you can gain an edge by reformulating your human resource strategies in line with the forces shaping the future.

  The default rate is considered to be low, but it is expected to increase significantly when the credit cycle takes a turn. Learn about how leveraged lending has, therefore, become a full-fledged asset class since its start a few decades ago.

Lending Revolutionised – The Advent of Digital Lending   Consultant Databases – An Industry in Transition
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Digitisation would result in more customer wins, driven by less time taken to make decisions, and reduce cross-selling costs. Explore how you can benefit.

  Explore how consultants are consistently innovating with the help of technology to capture more market share and increase their reach.

Consulting Industry 2020 – Trends Signalling Imminent Disruption   The Impact of 5G on Financial Services
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Explore how disruption is beginning to impact every firm in the consulting industry and will likely change the face of consulting forever.

  Explore the probable roadmap for 5G in financial services.

FolioSure – Automated Portfolio Monitoring   BEAT Flow: Workflow Management Tool
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A bespoke automated portfolio monitoring tool for the private equity and venture capital industries. 30-40% more cost effective than other service providers’ systems. .

  An easy-to-onboard, adaptable workflow management system that ensures engagement ROI for investment banks, commercial banks, private equity and consulting firms.

NLG-powered Investment Commentary solutions   FundMetrix – Transform Your Investment Reporting Function
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Combining our deep domain knowledge with the latest developments in machine learning, we have developed an automated solution for investment commentary writing. .

  Learn about FundMetrix – a robust, bespoke investment reporting technology and managed services solution.

The Cookie Crumbles for the Credit Cycle – Opportunities in Distressed Debt Investing   Unlocking Alpha with Alternative Data
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Listen to our experts discuss about how you can build a proprietary and scalable distressed debt investing process ahead of the cycle. .

  As an investment manager or a covering analyst, is it possible to derive unique insights from alternative data?

The Future of Marketing and Reporting for Asset Managers   Turning the Corner in Investment Reporting
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Explore how important it is for marketing and client-servicing teams to recognise the evolution of fund collateral dynamics in conjunction with digital transformation.

  Accuracy and quick turnaround are of paramount importance in the investment reporting world. They are becoming more significant as firms attempt to satisfy the evolving needs of clients, adapt to new regulations and deal with intense competition.


Acuity Knowledge Partners, formerly part of Moody’s Corporation, is a leading provider of bespoke research, analytics, staffing and technology solutions to the financial services sector. Headquartered in London, Acuity Knowledge Partners has nearly two decades of transformation experience in servicing over 300 clients with a specialist workforce of over 2,500 analysts and delivery experts across its global delivery network.

We provide our clients with unique assistance not only to innovate, implement transformation programmes and increase operational efficiency, but also to manage costs and improve top lines. These services are supported by our proprietary suite of Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT) that offers domain-specific contextual technology.

Acuity Knowledge Partners is assisted by Equistone Partners Europe, a leading private equity organisation that backs specialist growth businesses and management teams.

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