Newsletter: Issue 22 – Q1, 2018  
Thought Leadership  
Forensic Analysis – How to Avoid Negative Surprises   Creating On-the-ground Presence in Emerging Markets
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Forensic analysts can reassure an asset manager of the quality of a company’s earnings. Emerging market investors are increasingly relying on forensic analysis for their investment decisions.

  While the long-term potential of emerging market equities is well understood by global investors, they face several operational challenges in investing in these markets in a sustainable manner.

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Digital Disruption in Commercial Lending   A Shifting Paradigm in Global Banking
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Global commercial lending is in the midst of a renaissance with the emergence of an enhanced ecosystem of communication inter-linkage between lenders and their existing/prospective clients.

  Global banking is witnessing events and undergoing rapid transformation, triggered by the global financial crisis, with regulatory controls forcing banks to adopt new business strategies, and the advent of fintech.

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Robert King, Executive Director and Global Head, on His Vision for Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services   Damian Burleigh, MD – Sales, Marketing, and Client Services, on the Knowledge Services Model and What It Means for Clients
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Solutions Showcase    
DCM Solutions for Investment Banks   KYC Remediation and Risk Profiling   Bespoke AML Analytics Services
We work extensively with DCM teams of various investment banks, providing market monitoring, deal origination, and execution support. Our DCM solutions include market updates, bond issuance databases, pitchbook support, pricing updates, and credit memos.

  We specialize in analyzing customer profiles, with a focus on the underlying risk. We offer managed services using Bureau van Dijk as the data platform, enabling our clients to better manage high-volume, time-consuming, and judgment-based activities within the KYC life cycle.

  We focus on AML analytics, transaction monitoring, post-transaction review of alerts, and review of false positives. This enables our clients to better manage high-volume, time-consuming, and judgment-based activities across the compliance value chain.

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Impact Stories  
DCM Support for Investment Banks   Fundamental Credit Research Support for Treasury Divisions
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How we helped the DCM (Debt Capital Markets) team of an Asia-focused bank headquartered in the UK focus on client-centric revenue-generating activities by standardizing and automating standard tasks and processes.

 How we supported a large multinational technology firm’s Treasury division to manage their investment portfolio. The corporate required support on fundamental credit research on investment grade issuers.

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AML Transaction Monitoring   KYC Remediation and Risk Profiling
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How we helped a global bank reduce false positives for its AML activities, streamline its transaction-monitoring activities, validate and develop new customer segmentation logic, and fine-tune initial thresholds to specific scenarios.

  How we supported a US-based global investment manager in meeting the KYC remediation deadline for its clients. Our teams, which managed due diligence of more than 2,000 cases, reduced the turnaround time by 25% in completing the process.

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Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT)
BEAT-enabled Solutions for Investment Banking   Product Showcase: BEAT Navigator
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Learn more about our BEAT-enabled solutions suite and how we integrate cutting edge technology with investment banking expertise to automate time-consuming IB tasks and processes.

  BEAT Navigator is an exposure simulation and hedge optimization engine that can be used to analyze, quantify, and visualize foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, and commodity price risk in portfolios. It also helps understand the risk/return characteristics of a portfolio under different derivatives-based hedging strategies.

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  Webinar: Uberisation of Lending – How Banks Can Stay Ahead of the Curve  
  Wednesday, 23 May 2018  
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