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Financial institutions are likely to face a tough operating environment in 2023 amid stagnant growth rates, rising inflation, high interest rates and heightened geopolitical tensions. Globally, C-suite executives are focusing on improving resilience and future-proofing their business models. At Acuity, we have helped several financial institutions on their strategic digitisation and transformation journeys to drive ROI.

I am delighted to say that Acuity’s Lending vertical has doubled in size in the past three years and now operates from four global delivery centres. We continue to diversify our service offerings to be an end-to-end strategic partner to global and regional banks, credit unions, credit risk teams and other financial institutions. Our offerings range from underwriting and credit monitoring to loan operations and servicing. We have also expanded our support in trade finance, consumer mortgages, commercial real estate and leveraged lending. This growth is a testament to the continued association and enriching interactions with our clients and industry experts. As we step into 2023, we thank you for partnering with us and wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year.

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Solutions

Bespoke commercial real estate support to banks   Bespoke consumer mortgage support to banks
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With our customised and scalable solutions, unlock value across CRE lending product types and achieve 40-50% cost savings, 30-35% more client-facing time and a faster market response.

  Explore our end-to-end consumer mortgage solutions that help improve market response time by 30% while reducing costs by 35%. We can help you underwrite 35-40% more deals by optimising the mortgage value chain.

Private debt: a risk to financial stability?   Will the strong momentum in US CLOs continue?
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Private debt is well positioned to report a CAGR of 17.4% from 2022 to 2026 and become the second-largest private capital asset class in 2023. In this article, we delve into the risks and ways in which they can be managed.

  Recessionary tendencies could have a bearing on CLO issuance in 2023, as CLO managers would have to re-strategise their portfolio mix to continue attracting investors looking for risk premium.

Blockchain securitisation – a revolution in global structured finance   Strategies to simplify the trade finance collection process and generate more revenue
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Blockchain securitisation comes into play in the world of structured finance via a process known as “tokenisation”. In tokenisation, typical illiquid assets held by a special-purpose vehicle are converted into a number of “tokens” that represent the individual securities sold to investors on the blockchain.

  In this article, we discuss how resolving some key issues could reduce the cost of maintaining the systems necessary for document collection.

The future of humble rooftops   Fintech in banking: why the future looks brighter together
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The future of rooftops lies in identifying the best possible combination of diverse uses they can be put to for maximum benefit to builders, users and the community.

  In this article, we share how banks can drive value from collaboration with fintechs, taking advantage of each other's strengths, whether in terms of startups’ product development and design or banks’ distribution and infrastructure capabilities.

Leveraged lending: Supporting 3 of the top 6 leveraged loan issuers in the US market   Impact story: Leveraged loan modelling and analysis for a UK-based global bank
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Explore how Acuity helps banks set up robust monitoring and control functions to proactively assess credit risk while generating insights for making informed credit decisions.

  Read how Acuity is monitoring leveraged loan commitments of more than USD90bn while enabling 25% more client-facing time.

Commercial Property Executive: How rising interest rates impact CMBS   BadCredit: Helping banks and credit unions optimise processes to provide better service
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Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Global Head of Lending Services Rajul Sood speaks on how the response to higher interest rates by CMBS can be an economic forewarning.

  Our Global Head of Lending Solutions Rajul Sood recently spoke to BadCredit.org on how Acuity’s lending services can help banks improve speed to market, enhance customer service and manage operations more effectively.


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