Newsletter: Issue 25 – Q4, 2018  
  Innovation and shifting market dynamics was the focal point of our recently concluded annual client conference held in New York City. The full-day event showcased 35 speakers and panelists from 6 industry segments.  
  The event was attended by over 150 business leaders, decision makers, and industry experts from across the financial services sector, representing more than 100 firms in North America.  
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  Exclusive Insights: Remolding Investment Research Landscape 2018  
  You wouldn’t like to miss this opportunity to gain insights on how global asset managers are driving innovation and sustainability in their investment research process while maximizing efficiency and investment returns.  
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  Technology Insights: How Artificial is Artificial Intelligence?  
  Check out this exciting thought piece on how technology and AI are re-defining the financial services landscape and what global financial services firms can do to help you stay ahead of the curve.  
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Entering China’s Bond Market – Empowering Global Fixed Income Investors   Hedge Funds Riding the Alternative Data Wave
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Facing challenges in overcoming major barriers to access China’s vast bond market? Benefit from the on-ground support offered by Moody’s analysts in Beijing.

  Get valuable insights on how hedge fund managers are gathering digital data from disparate sources to research new investment ideas and generate alpha.

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  Costa Rica as a Nearshore Center for North American Financial Services Firms  
  Are you considering nearshoring as a strategy for 2019? See how a global investment bank headquartered in the US receives real-time support from over 30 North America equity research analysts based in our Costa Rica center and has achieved significant cost savings versus similar onshore setup.  
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  Consultant Database Updates and BEAT EDGE  
  Explore our unique and flexible consultant database (CDB) update solution that combines smart technologies with specialists to ensure minimal time is spent by your teams on timely, hassle-free and accurate CDB updates.  
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  Introducing BEAT EDGE - a custom-built proprietary platform that helps automate the CDB update process, reduces turnaround time, increases efficiency, and delivers significant cost savings.  
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Investment Banking Solutions   Commercial Lending Solutions
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Win more mandates. Grow revenue. Improve efficiency. Focus on client-centric revenue-generating activities.

  Facing stiff competition from non-banking entities? Centralize, Standardize and Optimize your Lending function. Create a simplified Lending process.

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Research Publishing Solutions   Investment Compliance Solutions   Index and ETF Solutions
Facing challenges in scaling your research publishing platform? Leverage qualified supervisory analysts and editors offshore.

  Achieve superior oversight on your investment compliance processes.

  Enhance pure beta replication or create your own bespoke indices. Access skilled talent to scale up your index practice.

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  Bespoke Contextual Technology Solutions  
  How to do more with less in record time? This question continues to test every COO and senior decision maker in the financial industry. The biggest challenge still remains; leveraging new technology and automation to improve output and analytics, while supporting front-office client teams to deliver superior outcomes.  
  Here is where our Custom Technology Solutions acts as a change agent, empowering financial services firms.  
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