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We witnessed an economic restart during the first half, driven by increased vaccination, pent-up demand, low interest rates and strong fiscal stimulus, leading to a much higher GDP growth expectation of up to 5.5%-6% for 2021. However, the credit market remains cautious and banks across the globe are building a new lending paradigm that is resilient, diversified, digitised and somewhat future-proof. Armed with cutting-edge automation tools, alternative credit data, intuitive credit analysis and innovative ecosystems, banks are preparing to address deteriorating asset quality, distressed sector exposures, drying up stimulus packages, mounting post-pandemic non-performing loans (NPLs) and greenwashing, among others.

Halfway through the year, we share some of the latest developments defining the industry in this edition of Lending Wire.

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Solutions

  The case of alternative credit data in loan decisions  
  Read about our take on alternative credit data and how machine learning and alternative credit data can be combined in the credit risk evaluation process.  
Securitisation – An antidote to NPLs?   Evaluating the rise of mortgage delinquencies in a pandemic-hit market
Blog   Blog
Could securitisation be a potential solution to lowering banking-sector risk? Why are banks likely to prefer securitisation over the traditional auction process? Read about recent trends in securitisation and how Acuity’s operational strategies can provide a solution to NPLs.

  Read the blog to know more about the pandemic’s impact on different real estate sectors, the role of delinquencies and what the future likely holds.

Greenwashing: The hurdle for green lenders   The US stimulus package and its impact on the global economy
Blog   Blog
What is greenwashing? What triggered the alarm on greenwashing? Is there a solution to it? Read here in detail about the factors contributing to greenwashing and how Acuity can help mitigate lenders’ potential exposure to credit/reputational risks.

  Learn more about the USD1.9tn stimulus package to support financially vulnerable families and speed up US economic recovery and how Acuity can help global banks support businesses and economies.

Four easy pieces to operational re-engineering   Impact story: Asset-based lending portfolio transition and monitoring for a top three UK bank
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Explore four easy steps to operational transformation for improved client experience, market share and profitability without incurring extra costs.

  Our partnership with this bank enabled a 40% reduction in overdues, complete transition to William Stucky and enabled real-time availability monitoring.

  Acuity in the news  
American Banker: Early CRE payoffs drive Bank OZK into new specialties   Global Banking & Finance Review: Credit analysts evolve to facilitate deals in pandemic era
Blog   Blog
Acuity’s Director of Commercial Lending suggests focusing on faster response time for new deal requests and robust risk management practices to underwrite good-quality loans.

  Acuity’s Lending Expert’s take on next-generation credit analysts who blend risk analysis with solution curation.


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