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  We understand and acknowledge the profound impact of COVID-19 on the global business community and financial services industry. We are supporting our clients in navigating the changes in the market, helping them to emerge stronger in a post-pandemic world. I am delighted to share our exclusive coverage of trends and insights in the lending industry as part of our ongoing series. I also encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Resources Hub for more research, insights, and bespoke solutions that can help you make on-the-ground and real-time decisions. Stay safe, everyone.

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Solutions

  Adapting to the turning tides in lending risk governance  
  Insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting banks’ lending and risk governance processes  

Commercial lending solutions to transform your business   Remodelling credit risk – The solution to the pandemic-induced liquidity crisis?
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Looking to optimise your lending function? Learn more about our solutions that combine institutionalised credit expertise and intelligent automation capabilities

  In the wake of COVID-19, the lending landscape has changed, and better funding decisions are crucial. Can remodelling credit risk offer a solution?

The shifting landscape of US commercial middle market banking   Impact story: Leveraged finance portfolio of top five bulge-bracket bank
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This white paper studies the ongoing transformation of the US middle-market banking landscape

  Learn more about our partnership with a leading global bank to enhance its leveraged lending portfolio monitoring function

Navigating through uncertain times: Balancing people and business needs with care   Introducing CovenantPulse
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A closer look at how we adapted to the new normal and ensured business continuity for all our global clients

  Need to enhance your current monitoring process? Learn more about our covenant monitoring managed-service solution


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