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The life sciences and healthcare sectors are evolving constantly, with new technologies (such as telemedicine and health wearables) emerging and the regulatory environment changing continually. To keep ahead of competition, healthcare leaders must be informed on the most recent trends in the sector. This will enable them to identify opportunities their companies should leverage to expand their operations and enhance patient care and staff well-being.

We present the most recent trends in healthcare and life sciences that could have a material influence on the sector. Enjoy the read.

Manish Chandna – Director and Global Head, Corporate & Consulting

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Oncology Market Research   Telemedicine Trends
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This blog covers the size of the oncology drug market, market dynamics, drivers, trends, challenges and the latest developments within the oncology space

  In this blog, we take a close look at key statistics; the benefits, growth drivers and impact of telemedicine and recent trends in the space.

Impact Story: Patient Treatment Pathway Analysis for Venom Allergies   Impact Story: Competitor Benchmarking and Performance Gap Analysis for Leading European Medical Device player
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Learn how we increased customer/patient satisfaction and conversion rate and gained a better understanding of stakeholders’ and patients’ behaviour along the way.

  Learn how we identified opportunities for expansion and plausible revenue streams; identified potential geographies and activation levers from competitors.

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Healthcare Market Intelligence   Pharma Market Intelligence
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We provide healthcare consulting services and healthcare competitive intelligence from the perspective of healthcare professionals, covering products and services that support healthcare workers and administrators. We also position research for hospitals and healthcare systems.

  We conduct specialised research within the pharma space and support clients in areas such as clinical trial analysis, competitive benchmarking, pharma market intelligence, pipeline analysis, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, strategic analysis, pharma market research, pharmaceutical competitive intelligence, pharma forecasting, sales by indication, drug launch, opportunity assessment and go-to-market strategic projects.


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