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We are witnessing progressively improving trends for the banking sector, but the high debt levels of corporates make the banks susceptible to credit deterioration and defaults, especially if growth slows down. To tackle this banks are toughening credit underwriting and proactively monitoring the financial health of their customers. This is also due to the increased oversight of regulators, mandating the ongoing monitoring of credit risk and credit exposures throughout the lifecycle of loans. We are delighted to share that Acuity has helped a number of global and regional banks in credit portfolio management and loss mitigation by generating in-depth analysis and insights, performing frequent credit reviews of borrowers, monitoring covenants, performing stress testing and using early warning indicators.

In this edition of Lending Wire, we share some of the latest developments defining the industry, including banks’ divergent views on cryptocurrencies, lending transformations and global debt accumulation.

Rajul Sood, Global Head of Lending Solutions

  VIDEO: Technology Solutions for Corporate & Commercial Banks  
  Read about how the automation of sub-processes in the credit analysis value chain can bring in centralisation, standardisation and improved efficiencies  
Global debt accumulation and recovery amid the pandemic   Banks’ divergent and evolving views on cryptocurrencies
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Learn more about the unsustainable debt situation, a likely ‘fourth wave’ of debt accumulation driven by the pandemic

  Read the blog to know more about growing popularity of crypto currency, making it impractical to remain completely distanced from the digitisation of currency

German banks – Are they prepared to face major challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic?   The FICO Resilience Index – a new tool to assess creditworthiness
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Read about German banking challenges amid increasing corporate insolvencies and deteriorating credit ratings

  Predicting consumer resilience in the event of an economic downturn, including either a national recession or a regional downturn

Impact story: Enabling 40-50% cost savings and 30% increased client-facing time for a US-based commercial bank   Impact story: Underwriting 35% more retail loans for a top US bank
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End-to-end CRE services with additional support on LIBOR transition, platform migration and COVID-19 impact analysis

  Bespoke retail lending solutions that help enhance banking efficiency, build competitive advantage and improve customer experience for global banks.

  Acuity in the news  
Enabling implementation for new definitions of obligor default across lending books.   BAI Banking Strategies: Offshoring and centralising to transform the front office
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Acuity’s Director of Commercial Lending comments on financial institutions facing a cliff edge at the end of the year for meeting regulatory deadlines

  Acuity’s Global Head of Commercial Lending weighs in on how offshoring and centralising can transform the front office.


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