Issue XVIII – Q1, 2017  
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Whitepaper – FRTB: Scaling Risk to a Specific Liquidity Horizon   Global Risk Management Survey 2016   Solutions for Market Research Firms
Whitepaper   Whitepaper   Whitepaper
The Fundamental Review of Trading Book (FRTB) has proposed liquidity horizons up to 120 days, depending on the risk factor. The focus of this white-paper is on scaling one day risk to different liquidity horizons as proposed by the FRTB.

  This survey focuses on an analysis of major challenges faced by banks in risk management and regulatory reporting, with a discussion on the steps ahead.

  Our Market Research solutions empower firms and corporates by supplementing their operations with end-to-end solutions.

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Survey Programming for a Europe-based Market Research Firm   Our Solutions for Market Research Firms
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Learn how Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services helped a Europe-based market research firm design and conduct a complex survey in 40+ countries.

  Three questions we typically receive on our solutions for Market Research firms.

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Stay Agile in Dynamic Markets   eyeforpharma Barcelona 2017   Webinar: Forensic Analysis
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Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services hosted a breakfast networking event in New York on March 1, 2017, for senior asset management executives.

  Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services’ strategy and research unit is exhibiting at the gathering of pharma industry leaders on March 14-16 in Barcelona.

  Learn why the quality of earnings reviews is important in the investment due diligence process and identify common tricks used to distort earnings.

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