8th Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference 2018 Key highlights


Event Summary

Acuity Knowledge Partners hosted their 2018 Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference in New York. The event was attended by over 150 business leaders, decision makers, and industry experts from across the financial services sector.

The event focused on key topics impacting the financial services market, such as structural, economic, and regulatory change, technology, innovation, and staffing constraints. It addressed how business leaders and decision makers can create better growth opportunities, smoothly run sustainable business and process transformation, accelerate front office growth, drive business efficiency through innovation, and embrace new technologies to deliver sustained results.

A series of breakout sessions delivered by industry practitioners addressed new perspectives and processes in investment banking and asset management, transformation of the lending function using technology, and scaling a managed service model with third-party Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) partners. The agenda also included sessions on how technology is shaping the compliance landscape, due diligence in a digital age, and driving growth and innovation with offshore KPO partners for financial services firms.

8th Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference 2018 Key highlights

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