Newsletter: Issue 28 – Q3, 2019  
EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS - Digitization in Investment Banking   EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS - Private Wealth Managers
Gain insights on how digitization and technology disruption are reshaping the global investment banking industry. Explore how you can stay ahead of the curve.

  Gain insights on how private wealth managers are driving innovation and leverage investment research to drive their advisory business.

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  BEAT Flow: Workflow Management System  
  Adaptable and easy-to-onboard workflow management system. Gain complete transparency to on-going activities, projection of up-coming work, and intuitive historical insights.  
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BEAT LIPI – Natural Language Generation (NLG)   BEAT FolioSure – PE Portfolio Monitoring Tool
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Bespoke NLG managed solutions that combine machine learning with capital market expertise.

  Gain control of your portfolios’ life cycles. Benefit from accurate tracking, comparison, and prediction of the performance of portfolio companies.

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  Sustainable Investing and ESG – Strategic Research Solutions  
  ESG factors are a key consideration in today’s investing landscape. Identify and overcome challenges in integrating sustainability into the investment research process.  
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Distressed Debt Investing – Strategic Solutions   CECL Regulation – Best Practices for Effective Implementation
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Explore strategic solutions to create your proprietary investment research process for a sustainable and unique edge.

  The implementation of CECL regulation will require banks to make really significant changes to their systems and processes. See how you can prepare for smooth implementation of CECL.

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MiFID II and Investment Firms’ Challenges in Reporting Requirements   Work hour restrictions in South Korea and Japan – Impact for Investment Banks   The late-stage growth market: A sweet spot?
Explore key challenges in reporting requirements and how you can effectively overcome these.

  Explore why Investment Banks should consider offshoring given the new work hour restrictions in Japan and South Korea.

  Although the number of deals has dropped globally, investment in late-stage deals has increased consistently.

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US Leveraged Lending Market – Time to sound the alarm?   US China Trade War – A potential risk to China banks’ asset quality   US China Trade War – Navigating regulatory compliance
Probability of an increased volume of defaults across credit markets? See how you can benefit.

  As trade-war tensions continue to loom, banks in China are likely to increase loan-loss provisioning to cover the risk of asset quality deterioration.

  As trade tensions between the US and China escalate, international firms are reviewing their compliance processes to minimize risks from relationships with Chinese companies.

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Lending Transformation through Collaboration   Leveraged Lending Solutions
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Explore how banks can achieve up to 50% increase in customer-facing time, 30% rise in new client coverage, and 25% reduction in new cycle time.

  Insights on the global leveraged lending market and how banks can stay ahead of the curve.

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Solutions for Independent Advisory Firms   Solutions for Private Equity Firms
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Independent advisory firms are empowered to close more transactions, win more mandates and focus on client-facing, revenue-generating activities.

  Fast track innovation, increase research coverage and improve operational efficiency. Also, automate your portfolio monitoring.

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Emerging Markets Solutions   Client Reporting Solutions
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Benefit from our emerging markets teams’ extensive exposure to multiple sectors across rating categories (IG to HY) and geographies.

  Powerful marketing and client reporting solutions to unlock precious bandwidth of your frontline analysts.

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Structured Finance Solutions   Enhanced Due Diligence
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Empower your structured finance desks to handle greater deal volumes and focus on revenue-enhancing activities.

  Comprehensive data source on global companies, skilled research analysts, and access to Moody’s innovation lab for investigative due diligence.

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  The cookie crumbles for the credit cycle – Opportunities in Distressed Debt Investing  
  The macro conditions seem ripe for distressed debt investors to enter and identify opportunities at an early stage. Build your proprietary distressed debt investing process ahead of the cycle.  
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